Which front sponsons are right for you?

Front sponsons are easily one of the best ways to upgrade the handling on your stand up. Front sponsons can help with smoother, more aggressive corners and an overall increase of stability for jetskis of all types. 

At Pro Watercraft, we have two different styles of front sponsons. If you’re not sure which ones to get, check out this breakdown.


The Pro Watercraft 36” front sponsons with the lip were designed with stability in mind. These are extremely popular with people who ride Kawasaki 440/550s, X2s and 650s.

Our 36” front sponson effectively widens your overall footprint in the water. This makes your ski much more stable from side to side, and helps eliminate chine walking. Chine walking is when your ski tips or hops from side to side. The lip in the front is used to create lift as you move through the water. This lift makes the ski more stable, and can keep you from rolling the ski over TOO far in the turn. Making it easier to right the ski after you come out of the turn.

Ashley ripping the 650 with our 36 inch front sponsons with a lip.

These sponsons will still roll well into turns, but aren’t as aggressive as our performance front sponsons. 

Generally, we recommend the 36 inch sponsons with a lip to anyone who has stability in mind, traditionally beginner or intermediate riders. If your jetski feels like a rodeo, or if you want to set up a ski for your friends, these are a great way to make the ski easier to ride.







Our performance front sponsons are used and loved by riders and racers around the world. This sponson is designed for riders of all types. It is stable and smooth enough for your average rider, while still strong enough to be pushed to the limit by a pro. These sponsons have been used on SXR 800/1100s, Yamaha Super Jets, 440s/550s, 650s.

This sponson is designed to make the ski more stable. It also helps eliminate uncomfortable chine walking from side to side.

The edge design and overall curvature of the sponson allows you to roll the ski into a turn smoothly, or drop it into a corner and turn sharply. 

We generally recommend this sponson for anyone who considers themselves an intermediate or advanced rider, or to someone who is racing. 




SXR 800/1100


Both styles of sponsons are easy to install. They are also both made from our HFC material. This hybrid flex composite (HFC) is extremely strong and durable, and allows us to sell them at an affordable price. 

If you have any additional questions on what sponsons you should get, feel free to call or email the handling experts here.

If you’re looking for front sponsons for your Wave Blaster, check these out.

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