We got Haulin Harry Goatcher a new ski!

It’s been 25 years since jetski legend Haulin’ Harry Goatcher has been on a ski. We bumped into him by chance — and wanted to get him on the race track in 2021.

When we set out to get Haulin’ Harry Goatcher a ski, he made it clear he wanted to keep it fun. He also made it clear that he was a big fan of the SXR 800.

We managed to track down a clean, used ski in Lake Havasu. It needed a good going through and some extra Pro Watercraft parts — and then it would be perfect for the return of a legend.

This SXR 800 has been fitted with our complete Pro Watercraft performance handling set up, and the motor was gone through by our friend Monte Hughes at Monster Watercraft.





MODIFICATIONS: Rerouted cooling system, aftermarket (top secret) prop, RRP adjustable handle pole, Jettrim tray mats.

CONTRIBUTORS: Monster Watercraft, Hot Products, Bomber Eyewear, Maxima Oils, Wax Racing



Our performance front sponsons are one of the biggest and best upgrades for most stand up jetskis, putting these on Haulin’ Harry Goatcher’s ski instantly made it more stable, alleviated nose bounce, and made turning a lot easier. Unlike the 550s of the past, Goatcher no longer has to use his whole body to get the ski to engage and roll into a turn. For more info on our performance front sponsons, click here.



Our HFC ride plate is one of the easiest upgrades to get a big increase in rear grip out of the SXR 800. With just 4 bolts, the design of this plate will keep the ski locked into the water much better than a stock or flat ride plate. For more info on our HFC ride plate for the SXR 800/1100, click here.



Coming soon from ProWatercraft — hull extensions for the SXR 800. Another way to add rear grip for aggressive turning, and helping cure nose bounce with added nose pressure.



Squeeze a little extra speed out of your stock or modified ski without messing with the motor — our pump tunnel stuffer silicones into the pump tunnel of the ski to maximize the water flow to the pump, allowing for extra power. For more information on our HFC pump tunnel stuffer for the SXR 800, click here.



In order for Harry to keep track of the time he spends shredding, we added a Pro Watercraft Shred Meter hour meter to his ski. With 3 levels of vibration sensitivity, we can keep track of how long he spends ripping his new ski since we handed it over to him. For more info on our Shred Meter, click here.



Outside of handling parts, we also added on ODI grips, a Wax Racing ignition switch cover and throttle, a top secret custom prop, and an aftermarket ignition set up.


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our video of the build and the big reveal! 


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