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Kawasaki pump shoe

Kawasaki HFC Pump Shoe

This ProWatercraft Racing pump shoe should fit Kawasaki 650sx, 750, 800, and X2 models with 140mm pump. The opening fits 140-145 mm to fit the stock Kawi pump that is similar to the 750/800. Another advantage is the deeper shoe shape, which will scoop more water and create an even flow to most intake grates available. On top of all that our product has a hydrophobic surface, which speeds up water. You will gain acceleration and top speed with all of [...]


Kawasaki 750 SX/SXI Ride Plate

ProWatercraft introduces the new Hybrid Flex Composite (HFC) Kawasaki 750 sx sxi ride plate that is designed to flex supporting your riding style. HFC blows all the other rigid plates out of the water with many improved features over the standard rigid plates. This plate not only holds up better than the industry standard aluminum and fiberglass ride plates, but limits bouncing, reduces subbing, even MORE stability, and better grip. Check out our video below for more additional info! This [...]