Kawasaki 650 / 750 sx sxi tray extension kicker

Kawasaki 650SX & 750SX/SXI Tray Extension Kicker

Our kawasaki 650SX / 750SX SXI (PRO) tray extension kicker keeps you feet in the tray and allows for easier riding through the chop. World-famous jet skiers like Kevin Reiterer and Steve Daulich using our original ProWatercraft Hydrospace kicker prove the function. This product will install under the mats and put into place with rivets. To replace the tie-down location, we include a u-bolt that will allow you to secure ski. A great Facebook page for Kawi vintage riders is here. Kawasaki [...]


Kawasaki 440/550 Kicker Tray Extension

Kick tray extender for the 440 550 jet ski extends the tray 1″ and offers a better foot position, which proves to offer more controlled rear grip. This product is made from our proven HFC material. Install it before the mats for the seamless look. Optional U-bolt offers a solid tie down point at the rear of the ski. U bolt is offset because of room above nozzle. We use silicone and pop rivets to attach it to the tray. https://prowatercraftracing.com/product/kawi-440-550-kicker-tray/