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Seadoo GP1800 rear seat

Yamaha GP1800 Airbox Seat

This rear seat for the Yamaha GP 1800 is more like a ram air box “seat” that you do not sit on. Designed specifically for the GP 1800 to improve the air flow and styling. We include an air/ water diversion sleeve to fit inside with the capabilities to be improved for air. This Yamaha GP1800 airbox seat replaces the stock 3-person rear seat and grab handle. This is a bolt on product and will incorporate the stock latch. [...]

WaveBlaster Pump Shoe

Yamaha WaveBlaster 1 Pump Shoe & Pump Stuffer

Our Wave Blaster Pump Shoe & Pump Stuffer combination is simple to install and use to gain up to 2 MPH affordably. With the pump stuffer being ‘permanently’ attached to the pump shoe, this product is IJSBA race legal. Installation is easy. Follow these steps: Remove the intake grate Remove the OEM pump shoe. Silicone the edges of the intake pump stuffer and shoe. Use more than you think to get a great bond. Push the pump shoe into place and then seating the stuffer. Clean [...]

550 Hull extensions

Kawasaki 440 & 550 Hull Extensions

The ProWatercraft Racing HFC Hull Extensions are a cap replacements for the Kawasaki 440/550. The stock 550 hull end caps eventually loose their bond and become water containers that weigh down the read end. With the replacement of the caps, you reduce the overall weight of the ski, integration of a rear exhaust, and add unmatched styling to your jet ski. These act as a hull extension, which reduces porpoising and increases the overall handling of the ski. Kawasaki 440/550 Hull [...]

Lip Front sponsons

36″ Upper Lip Front Sponsons on Kawasaki X2

Matt Goade from Retro racing worked with us to test our new upper lip front sponsons. Retro racing has a long background of adding perfect handling to their vintage skis from X2 to 440/550/650, etc. Matt and I are very surprised to how well the upper fin worked with the stock exhaust hole. “For an entry level rider, that stability is spot on”, Matt said. The install was easy because of the exhaust hole put the left side sponson in the correct spot [...]

Kawasaki 650 / 750 sx sxi tray extension kicker

Kawasaki 650SX & 750SX/SXI Tray Extension Kicker

Our kawasaki 650SX / 750SX SXI (PRO) tray extension kicker keeps you feet in the tray and allows for easier riding through the chop. World-famous jet skiers like Kevin Reiterer and Steve Daulich using our original ProWatercraft Hydrospace kicker prove the function. This product will install under the mats and put into place with rivets. To replace the tie-down location, we include a u-bolt that will allow you to secure ski. A great Facebook page for Kawi vintage riders is here. Kawasaki [...]

Kawasaki pump shoe

Kawasaki HFC Pump Shoe

This ProWatercraft Racing pump shoe should fit Kawasaki 650sx, 750, 800, and X2 models with 140mm pump. The opening fits 140-145 mm to fit the stock Kawi pump that is similar to the 750/800. Another advantage is the deeper shoe shape, which will scoop more water and create an even flow to most intake grates available. On top of all that our product has a hydrophobic surface, which speeds up water. You will gain acceleration and top speed with all of [...]

SuperJet & Waveblaster pump shoe

Yamaha Superjet & WaveBlaster Pump Shoe (HFC)

Our PWR Yamaha SuperJet & WaveBlaster pump shoe was created from the OEM Yamaha Superjet pump shoe. We cut back the “shoe shape” to open up the intake to improve cavitation and hook up. Because, one of the more noticeable issues with the older Yamaha Super Jet and Yamaha Wave blaster is cavitation in the turns when the ski is really leaned over. The pump shoe is the best way to adjust this issue. The opening is 144mm to fit [...]


Kawasaki 440/550 Kicker Tray Extension

Kick tray extender for the 440 550 jet ski extends the tray 1″ and offers a better foot position, which proves to offer more controlled rear grip. This product is made from our proven HFC material. Install it before the mats for the seamless look. Optional U-bolt offers a solid tie down point at the rear of the ski. U bolt is offset because of room above nozzle. We use silicone and pop rivets to attach it to the tray. https://prowatercraftracing.com/product/kawi-440-550-kicker-tray/


Kawasaki 440/550 HFC Pump Nozzle

This futuristic nozzle is a blend of old technology with a Jet fighter modern look. Here’s what we did: We extended the nozzle 1″ to offer better straight line hook up and drive. Also that longer nozzle will give you a tighter turning ratios, like a quick steer, but without making the turning action sensative. The ProWatercraft Jet Nozzle is a couple mm smaller ID, than stock 85mm Inner Diameter, why did we make it smaller? Generally the size of the thrust [...]