Sponsons Fitment Suggestions

Front Sponsons (AKA tubbies)

All our front sponsons benefit you by making the ski footprint wider, which in turn, gives you better straight line stability and smoother cornering. That transition between the bottom of the hull and the flat side is what causes the ski not to roll smoothly while cornering. Most of the time  These front sponsons drastically make that smoother and make turning predictable so you can rail every corner faster.

  • Performance front sponsons are the best for more aggressive buoy riding while still having the benefits of straight line stability. This sponson does have a 550 exhaust hole option.
    • Fits all standups skis, not recommended for sport skis
  • Fattie front sponsons are the best all around due to the rounder profile and being our widest front sponson. This is our recommendation for the average recreational rider and even racers. Keep in mind this sponson does not have exhaust hole options.
    • Fits all standup skis, optional for sport skis
  • 36″ front sponsons are the best for the Kawasaki X2 or any beginner riders on their standup ski. For the X2, the upper fin continues with bond line parallel to the water making it turn more like an SXR 800. For standups, the upper fin lowers the grip angle so the ski is more upright helping with turning balance. This sponson still gives the benefit of more straight-line stability. This sponson is race legal in most classes according to the length. This sponson does have the X2 or 650 SX exhaust hole option.
    • Fits all standup skis and sport skis


Rear Sponsons

Below is our recommendations for what hardware to use with each type of sponson as well as placement of the part. On the top row are all our sponsons and along the left column is are the skis they fit.

Find the product you are looking for on the top row and follow it down until you find the row with your ski. This will be our suggestion of placement and the hardware set for the best performance.

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