SHRED-SSENTIALS: Yamaha Squarenose SuperJet

Withstanding the test of time, the Yamaha Squarenose SuperJet has maintained its place as one of the most popular stand up watercraft. With a little help from handling components, you might like it even more. Our recommended handling set up for the Yamaha Squarenose Superjet will help alleviate nose bounce, make fast turns easier, increase the stability and even get you a little boost of top speed.



The squarenose SuperJet is a great ski — it just needs a little help for extra stability and hook up. Fret less about being uncomfortable and spinning out — and spend more time enjoying the ride!


Spend less energy and effort trying to turn the ski! Our HFC performance front sponsons are designed to make engaging corners easier. You should no longer have to throw your entire weight into a turn or wrestle the ski over to get it to start turning. These front sponsons also add a little more stability to your overall ride, making it smoother and less exhausting.

Nic Verdone’s clean Squarenose Superjets running Pro Watercraft set ups.


Our rideplate for the Squarenose SuperJet is made to give your ski more rear grip. Worry less about spinning out and focus more on enjoying the ride and going fast! The unique, curved design allows for more surface area for water to travel across — effectively pushing the back of the ski down into the water. Adding our rideplate also helps alleviate nose bounce on the front of the ski. If you have a big issue with nose bounce, combo our ride plate with a set of our HFC hull extensions.



For extra straight line stability and rear grip, try our OBF rear sponsons. These hull extensions effectively widen the footprint of the ski, giving you more stability in straight lines.



One of the easiest upgrades for your ski! Have an easier time holding on to your rocket ship with a set of ADA Racing extended handle bars and ODI grips. ADA Racing handle bars come in an extended width, allowing you to run a wide length or cut them down to suit your preference. Both are a fairly simple install, but we even have a grip tool to make your life easier!



For riders looking to get the most performance out of their square nose Superjet — whether it be for racing, or just being the fastest rider at your local spot — this is the set up we recommend.

PWR athlete Casey Kleeschulte shredding his squarenose Superjet.


For rippers, adding our performance front sponsons will help stabilize the ski — but it will also make it easier for you to carry a lot more speed through turns. If you’re looking to have faster, smoother turning — start with our performance front sponsons.



Worry less about spinning out, get more rear grip with our HFC Squarenose SuperJet ride plate (see more above).



Our HFC Hull extensions for the Yamaha squarenose SuperJet bolt to the back of the hull, adding these give the water more surface area to travel across — giving you more rear grip and helping to alleviate unwanted nose bouncing.



For extra straight line stability and rear grip, try our OBF rear sponsons. These hull extensions effectively widen the footprint of the ski, giving you more stability in straight lines.



If you’re looking for a little boost of speed but don’t want to get into your motor, our pump tunnel stuffer is a cost-effective way to get an upgrade. Much like sticking your thumb over the end of the garden hose, our pump tunnel stuffer maximizes the efficiency of the flow of water from your intake through your pump — resulting in anywhere from 1-2mph and better hook up and drive.



Stock or old mats on your ski just don’t get the job done. To get the most in grip and comfort, we recommend Jettrim tray mats for your square nose SuperJet. Not only do they look good, they will give you more grip in the tray, more impact absorption for your feet, and more functionality for better handling. 

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