SHRED-SSENTIALS: SXR 800 / 1100 handling set up

The Kawasaki SXR 800 has been wildly popular for not only casual riding but for racing. This powerful and agile machine is reliable and smooth in stock form, but with a little help, can become a proper shredding ski.

To help guide you to better shredding, we’ve compiled some options for casual riders and people looking to get the most performance out of their Kawasaki SXR 800 stand up watercraft.

Carter running his SXR 1100 down the river. He is running the Pro Watercraft Pro Lite handle pole, performance front sponsons, and SXR ride plate.


For casual riders who are out cruising their favorite ride spots, we have a set up that focuses on stability and rear grip. This will allow you to ride comfortably at all speeds without the ski fighting you or bucking you around, as well as let you turn with less fear of sliding out.

HFC PERFORMANCE FRONT SPONSONS (Smoother cornering + Stability)

HFC SXR 800 RIDE PLATE (Rear grip)

Pro Lite Handle pole (Lightweight, Shorter, More Durable)



For riders who are actively racing, thinking about racing, or are just generally fast — we have a performance driven stand up that will allow you to push your ski to the limit. Offering stability in all conditions, while giving you the best options for cornering and rear grip. These are the products we recommend:

HFC PERFORMANCE FRONT SPONSONS (Easier Cornering, More stability)

HFC SXR 800 RIDE PLATE (Rear Grip)


HFC WEDGE REAR SPONSONS (Top speed + rear grip)

Rubber Bumper Rail Kit (Less drag)

Ultra Race Pole (Adjustable, more durable, better control over the ski)


Check out some of our most popular SXR 800 / SXR 1100 products on a customer install project we did.

Whether you are cruising the river, or shredding the buoys — you shouldn’t have to fight against your ski to have a good time. A good handling set up should make it easy to ride, carve, and go fast without fear of falling in. The team at Pro Watercraft has done the testing and proven our products will improve your ride.

If you have any questions about your handling set up — contact the handling experts at Pro Watercraft.


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