Regarded as the world’s first 2-person watercraft, the Kawasaki X2 has maintained its popularity for a long time. It’s got a great motor, but can sometimes be unstable — and let’s face it, once you fall in, it’s not easy to remount. 

The shred specialists at Pro Watercraft has a setup that is great for all around riding, and also works great in racing. Let us break it down for you.



Our 36 inch front sponsons with the lip are a great addition to the Kawasaki X2. These sponsons will instantly increase the overall stability of your stand up. The integrated lip acts as a stabilizer. If you ever lean past the “point of no return” water underneath the lip will help move the ski upright, and keep you from leaning over too far to where you can’t recover. The curvature of the sponson will also make for an easier time engaging turns, allowing you to have smoother, faster corners. When shopping for these, make sure you check whether or not you need sponsons with the exhaust hole cut in them.



To avoid slipping out, and alleviate unwanted nose bounce, we recommend a longer ride plate. Our X2 plate is longer and has more curvature than most old school plates, giving you a lot more rear grip, as well as more stability.


For beginner to novice riders wanting a little more grip and stability, our OBF rear sponsons are an easy and affordable bolt-on. Effectively widening the rear of the ski, you’ll see an immediate change. Not recommended for rider with intermediate and above skill level.


For riders looking to get more straight line stability, and a more performance-oriented, sharper turning style – our mid sponson is the way to go on the Kawasaki X2.


If you want more power, but don’t want to make motor modifications, our pump stuffer can get you an additional 1-2mph without touching the motor! Much like putting your thumb over the end of the garden hose, our pump stuffer maximizes the efficiency of water flowing through your pump tunnel and into your pump. 


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