The Kawasaki SXR 1500 spread in popularity fast after its release in 2017. The out of the box 60mph speed was an instant hit, but the unexpected instability wasn’t. If you struggle with the “death wobble”, spinning out, or overall instability of this watercraft, we have a great set up designed with you in mind.




Our newly redesigned SXR 1500 rear sponsons were designed with stability in mind. Unlike a lot of aggressive, fin style sponsons, our performance rear sponsons eliminate the “death wobble” at all speeds, and make the SXR 1500 substantially more stable. Even in rough conditions, the ski will always find its center. These sponsons have tested well with the stock Kawasaki SXR 1500 ride plate, but for intermediate riders or those looking for a little extra grip, we recommend pairing it with our HFC ride plate for the SXR 1500.


Pro Lite Handle Pole (discontinued)

The heavy and awkward handle pole on the SXR 1500 can be exhausting to ride with. Our Pro Lite handle pole is lighter, more durable, and shorter than stock. The shorter length helps improve your body placement in the tray for more control over the nose of the ski. This handle pole is a fairly easy swap — it can utilize all the stock components.



An easy upgrade to the SXR 1500 is in the bars. A set of ADA Racing handlebars are much more comfortable than stock. These extended length handle bars give you the option of running something wider, or cutting it down more narrow to suit your personal preference. A set of ADA Racing handlebars paired with ODI grips will be the utmost in comfort, and make it easier to hang on to that fast ski. Both are very easy to install, we even have a grip tool to make your life easier.



One of our least favorite things about the Kawasaki SXR 1500 has to be the black, hidden gas tank. How long can you enjoy the ride if you don’t know how much fuel you have in the tank? Our fuel level gauge is a convenient way to tell how much gas is in your tank. Much like a dip stick, this sits in your gas tank for you to remove and read. 



If you’re trying to take good care of your machine, it can be tough to keep up on maintenance requirements. To make your life easier, a Shred Meter hour meter will keep track of time the motor spends running. Making it easier for you to judge when you need maintenance work done — and bragging to your buddies about how much you ride.



For riders looking to get the most performance out of their SXR 1500, whether it be for racing, or just being the fastest rider at your local spot — this is our recommended set up.



(See above). Excellent stability and grip in all-around conditions.



Our rideplate for the SXR 1500 is designed with maximum rear grip in mind. While also helping to stabilize the front end of  the ski, our HFC ride plate for the SXR 1500 will give you grip and fluidity throughout the entire turn.



Our HFC pump tunnel stuffer is one of the easiest ways to get more performance out of your SXR 1500 without having to modify the motor. Like putting your thumb over the end of the garden hose, our HFC pump stuffer helps maximize the water flow between your intake and pump — resulting in anywhere from 1-2 mph in top speed and better hook up and drive.



The stock mats in the SXR 1500 just won’t cut it. If you feel like the side mats are rubbing your ankles the wrong way, or if you’re tired of that hard-impact feeling in your feet, we highly recommend switching over to some Jettrim tray mats. Jettrim tray mats enhance not only the look, but the feel of your ride by providing more grip in the tray, as well as impact absorption, and enhanced turning.



Unlike a lot of aftermarket handle poles on the market, the Ultra Handlepole was actually designed for racers. It features a fully adjustable length, so that you can experiment with tray and body position as you please. It’s extremely durable, and the redesigned pivot point gives you more control and leverage over the ski than other handle poles.

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