SHRED-SSENTIALS: Kawasaki 750 SX / SXI / SXI-Pro

The Kawasaki 750 was revolutionary in its design at its release, and to this day remains as one of the most popular stand up personal watercraft. 

Our lead designer, Chris Hagest worked with Kawasaki during the development of the 750 hulls, and based our line up of performance handling components on his testing and work there. With the goal of elevating your ride, our parts for the Kawasaki 750 SX, SXI, and SXI Pro are designed to increase the stability, reduce nose bounce, get more rear grip, and even get a little boost of top speed.



If you are a rider who considers themselves casual, maybe some long cruises on the river, or just goofing off with your friends, we have a set up that is based around providing you the stability you need to not feel exhausted by fighting your ski. Enjoy the ride for longer periods of time, and start going faster with increased comfort.




Our 36 inch front sponsons with the lip are great for riders looking for more stability. The integrated lip is designed to keep you from leaning past the “point of no return” by helping you right the ski with ease. The upper lip also helps with rough water stability, and the overall design of the sponson will help you lean in and engage turns easier – making for a less exhausting ride. If you want to be able to carve hard turns, check out our HFC performance front sponsons.



Our rideplate(s) for the Kawasaki 750 are designed to help with one of the most common issues with this ski — porpoising. Porpoising (also called nose bounce) stems from a nose pressure issue. Ride plate length and design can be a huge contributor to finding a good balance of nose pressure. Our ride plate for the Kawasaki 750 SX/SXI and the Kawasaki 750 SXI Pro are designed to help alleviate nose pressure while giving you more rear grip to avoid sliding out in corners. There are two different ride plate fitments for the Kawasaki 750. For the Kawasaki 750 SX/SXI click here, and for the Kawasaki 750 SXI Pro, click here.


If you are looking for a replacement for your stock handle pole — the Pro Lite is hands down the best option. It is lighter, more durable, and shorter than stock for better body positioning. Not only does it look cool — it has function to help give you more control over the ski.



If you are looking to get the most performance out of your Kawasaki 750, we have a set up that will get you the most stability, a ton of rear grip, and a little bit of power. This combination will make it easier to carry more speed through the turn without fear of spinning out, while also giving you the straight line stability and speed to get from corner to corner efficiently. Whether you are racing, or just want to be the fastest guy at your local spot, this set up will elevate your ride.



For those of you looking for a little harder and faster lean, the HFC performance front sponsons will do that for you. While our 36 inch front sponson is all about stability, our HFC performance front sponson set is all about turning and carving. While these sponsons will still add some stability to the front end of the ski, their biggest function is making it easier to roll the ski into the turn while carrying speed. You should no longer have to throw your weight into the turn and exhaust yourself with muscling the ski around – the performance front sponson makes a turn more fluid and gives you more control.



Don’t fret about breaking the back end loose in the corners. Our ride plate keeps the ski hooked up and alleviates nose bounce for more stability. There are two different ride plate fitments for the Kawasaki 750. For the Kawasaki 750 SX/SXI click here, and for the Kawasaki 750 SXI Pro, click here.



Our pump tunnel stuffer is the easiest and most cost effective way to squeeze some more speed out of your ski without having to get into the motor. Much like putting your thumb over the end of the garden hose, our pump stuffer will help maximize the efficiency of the water flow from your intake to your pump — resulting in top speed gains of anywhere from 1-2mph. There are two different fitments for the Kawasaki 750s. For the Kawasaki 750 SX/SXI, click here.  For the Kawasaki 750 SXI Pro, click here. 



If you’re still hunting for more rear grip, and some straight line stability, our mid sponson is an additional upgrade that can help. Mounting further forward than a rear sponson, the mid sponson gives more stability through the turn by creating more of a pivot-style turn, keeping the ski locked in.



For racing and shredding purposes, the Pro Lite pole’s shortened length will give you more control and leverage over the ski than your typical stock pole. It’s also much lighter than stock, making it easier to hold for long periods of time. 


Stock or old mats simply won’t cut it when you really want to shred. Jettrim tray mats offer superior grip and shock absorption for your feet. A Pro Watercraft style Jettrim tray mat kit will also give you some handling advantages when it comes to turns. 

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