Hands down one of the most popular stand ups ever — the Yamaha SuperJet. After the squarenose, the newer, round nose SuperJet dominated the racing scene even until today. Also popular in the freeride and recreational scene, the Yamaha SuperJet is an all-around great stand up. With that being said, a few bolt on parts really takes this watercraft to the next level.



For the rider who is looking for stability, and a good time — we have parts for that. The Yamaha SuperJets are notorious for a little bit of uncomfortable nose bounce, and their narrow hull can sometimes be unstable. We have a recommended set up that will give you more stability, more rear grip in turns, as well as easier, smoother cornering.


For more stability and an easier time cornering, we recommend our performance front sponsons. The additional width in the front will provide some extra stability, while the curvature of the sponsons will make engaging turns and rolling the ski over much easier. Carry more speed through your turns and fight the ski less — making for a less exhausting, easier ride.



For the Yamaha SuperJet, we offer a rideplate that will give you a major boost in rear grip, as well as alleviate some of the unwanted nose bounce. Depending on what type of riding you are doing, we have two ride plate options. If you consider yourself a freerider, and like jumping, sliding out, and doing tricks — we recommend our Freeride plate for the Yamaha SuperJet. If you are looking for more rear grip and stability, check out our race plate. For the race plate for the 2007 and older SuperJet, click here. For the race plate for the 2008-2020 SuperJet, click here.



For riders who are strictly casual, and are looking for some extra stability and grip, we recommend our OBF sponsons. These will effectively widen the footprint of the ski, and give you some extra straight line stability. If you consider yourself to be intermediate or pretty fast, we recommend checking out our wedge rear sponsons or the performance rear sponsons.




Our performance front sponsons are going to make it easier to roll your ski through a turn — while you spend less energy. You should no longer have to throw your weight as hard into a turn to get the ski to lay over, and you should also have more stability all-around. 



For maximum rear grip, try our SuperJet race plate. This rideplate is reinforced and designed for the most grip you can get. Used by racers as well as recreational rippers. This ride plate will also help alleviate unwanted nose bounce. For the race plate for the 2007 and older SuperJet, click here. For the race plate for the 2008-2020 SuperJet, click here.


If you are a racer looking to squeeze out every possible advantage, we recommend our wedge rear sponsons. The wedge rear sponsons will get you some more speed on the top end by creating lift in the back of the ski to eliminate drag. They also make it easier for squared-off, sharp turns by allowing you to break the back end loose in a controlled manner. If you want more smooth cornering, and are more focused on rear grip — check out our performance rear sponsons



For the 2007 and older Superjet models, we have hull extensions available to add additional rear grip, and alleviate nose bounce on the front of the ski. These bolt on to the back of the hull and are a great combination with our ride plate.


ULTRA RACE POLE (unavailable)

If you want to move away from the bulky stock handle pole, the best handlepole on the market is the Ultra Race pole. This handle pole is fully adjustable, which allows you to experiment with body position in the tray of your ski. 



Stock or old mats simply won’t get the job done if you are a shredder. Jettrim tray mats look cool but will also provide you the best grip in the tray, while also helping with shock absorption in your feet. We highly recommend replacing worn out mats with a Pro Watercraft style Jettrim Tray Mat kit. 


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