When it comes to getting  started on a stand up jetski, there are a lot of options. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve put together some recommendations. Here’s our top recommendations of skis for beginner or new riders looking to get into the sport.

For most entry-level riders, we recommend starting small when it comes to horsepower and size. This allows your beginner rider to get a feel for operating a watercraft, standing up, turning, and getting a feel for their balance.

KAWASAKI 440/550

These skis are all over, and easy to buy. The downside would be that due to their age, not all of them are running great. You can either enjoy a project with your new rider, or spend a little extra to get a clean running Kawasaki 440/550.

This is an excellent ski for beginners because if they can ride one of these, they can ride just about anything. This small watercraft is narrow and takes some skill to balance and turn. If you want a little extra stability and ease of turning for this machine, adding some handling components can help make the ride much easier.


Much like the 440/550, the Kawasaki 650 is of abundance and not terribly hard to find. This ski has a little more power than the 440/550. While it may be a little bigger than the 440/550, it is still a little tricky to turn and ride – but makes for a great learning experience.


The Kawasaki 750 will be more stable than the 440/550 and 650, and has more power as well. With some handling components, this ski can really shred.



The first Yamaha to enter the market – and still one of the most popular skis. This stand up has power somewhere in between the Kawasaki 650 and 750. It’s more stable than most models that came before it.


If you or your child or beginner rider has interest in getting involved in racing, the Kawasaki SX-R 800 is a great place to start. This ski is generally very stable in its stock form, and has a smooth powerband that is great for learning. This ski is also legal for juniors to race in Junior 10-12 Lites and Junior 13-15 Lites.

Yamaha (roundnose) SuperJet

Much like the SX-R 800, if your new rider or your child is interested in racing, the 2008+ Yamaha SuperJet is a great entry-level ski. It can be raced in the Junior Ski 10-12 Lites and Junior Ski 13-15 Lites class. The power is comparable to the SX-R 800 and the ski is more stable than its predecessors. 


Once you’ve decided on which ski you want to start out on, then you have to start shopping. Most of the skis we recommended are not available as new units, but are readily available for secondhand purchase. You can find most of these skis on your local Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or on some of the popular jetski groups on Facebook.

There are a lot of skis out there! There is no “best” ski, just what works best for you. We definitely recommend getting your feet wet with one of these models before you jump in fully. It’s a good idea to get a feel for riding on a stock stand up before you get into the fast ones. Not just for safety, but to help you develop your riding skills!


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