ProWatercraft Intake Pump Stuffers

ProWatercraft Racing designed the easiest and most cost effective way to gain top speed on your watercraft. These intake stuffers direct water flow into the pump, and the material used causes the water to slip right off of the stuffer which causes less drag and more speed!

Pump stuffers available for Kawasaki SXR1500, Yamaha Square Nose Superjet, Yamaha Wave Blaster, Kawasaki 750Sx/Sxi, Kawasaki 650sx, Kawasaki 550sx, Kawasaki Js440 & Js550, ProWatercraft ProForce

ProWatercraft intake pump stuffer is simple to install, and can be used to gain 1-3 MPH affordably.

(Comes with, or without slit)

You can view our short video showing the 5 step install process is below.

  1. Remove the intake grate.
  2. Silicone the edges of the intake pump stuffer.
  3. Fit around the driveshaft.
  4. Push into place.
  5. Clean / Wipe the edges.

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