ProLite Carbon Fiber Handlepole

The ProLite Carbon Fiber handlepole is a more cost effective alternative to the aftermarket aluminum poles on the market. The ProLite handlepole has an edgy style, just like our ProForce, and is made with a mix of Carbon fiber and fiberglass. Our composite handle pole is as strong or stronger structurally than any other on the market. The kicker is, it only weighs 5 lbs!

ProLite Carbon Fiber Handlepole (not for SXR)

The big advantage to this ProLite handlepole is the steering angle. The stock 550 is 38 degrees, stock SXR is 29 degree, RRP is 18 degrees, and the ProWatercraft ProLite handle pole is 15 degrees. Having the correct steering angle reduces stress on the rider. The results are better endurance and turning control is noticeably better.

In detail, the pivot to pivot measurement reads 36.5″ and has adjustable features. The features includes changeable “Sub” plates and steering plates. (More info coming)
Our standard colors of gel-coat black and white come at no charge, however, you request a custom color for an additional charge.
Stay tuned, more info and pictures coming on several different standups.

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