Yamaha SuperJet 2021+ Freeride Plate


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The Yamaha SuperJet is famous for being the go-to freeride and fun ski. The fourstroke Superjet is great for rider’s looking for that same type of ski, but the stock rideplate just doesn’t cut it.

Our freeride plate for the Yamaha fourstroke SuperJet is the perfect combination of fun and function. This D-cut HFC rideplate will let you break the back end loose for powerslides, tail stands and tricks, give you a little extra boost for sending it off waves, all while still giving you just enough grip and stability to corner and shred. Unlike most homemade D-cut plates, our plate gives you added stability at high speeds. Even with added stability and a little grip, this plate is still easy to slide and break loose when you want to – but won’t come unhooked unexpectedly or when you don’t want to break loose.

This plate is an excellent option for casual riders looking for an all around shred at an affordable price.

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