Winner Circle Race Podium


Winner Circle Race Podium

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Need a way to make your race series or event center different from the rest?

The Pro Watercraft Racing Winner Circle Race Podiums are the best way to add a professional look and feel to any competition, race, or event. Everything from Karting, Jet Ski racing, mountain biking, motocross, BMX, all the way to snow boarding and surfing, The Prowatercraft Podium is a MUST HAVE for your race series, race track, or event center. Our race podiums are engineered and built completely out of aluminum which allows them to be extremely light weight at only 115lbs. Not only is this podium light weight it is also completely collapsible. Every component of the podium breaks down and stores neatly inside of the the #1 podium saving space and making them very versatile.


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