SXR / 750 ProLite Carbon Fiber Handlepole

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Aftermarket, carbon fiber handlepole for the Kawasaki SXR 800 / 1500  and 750 standup jetski.



ProLite Carbon Fiber 750 / SXR Handlepole is a direct replacement for the stock OEM Kawasaki 750, 800, or 1500 handle poles. This means all your stock handle pole parts, like steering components will bolt on. You will need nothing else, but maybe a Jettrim padding (chin pad) by the handle bars. The chin pad is built into the Carbon Fiber Handlepole.  This simple install can be done in one to two hours.

The steering position is moved 2″ forward compared to stock and the overall length of the handlepole is 1″ shorter than stock. The steering angles improve from the stock SXR at 29 degrees, RRP at 18 degrees, and the ProWatercraft ProLite handle pole is 15 degrees. Having the correct steering angle reduces stress on the rider, you receive better endurance and turning control is noticeably better.


  • Carbon fiber construction is super stiff and has less flex than any aftermarket handle pole.
  • Steering angle is like all other aftermarket poles.
  • ProLite pole is 2lbs lighter than the stock OEM Kawasaki handle pole and aluminum adjustable poles.
  • Comes with 14mm ID bushings (same for all manufacturers), they are larger and stronger than stock.
  • SXR 1500 model will come holes for the indicator lights
  • Recess area for a tach / hour meter or the dash lights for the 1500
  • Jettrim pad matching is available, send us an email

What You Need to Know:

  • The finish on this pole is not perfect and will come with some imperfections. The pole has one seem line on each side.
  • The 750 steering sub plate mounting holes do not perfectly match the 800 sub plate holes. You will need to modify the 750 sub plate holes for our pole.
  • You will need to reuse the stock steering sub plate and steering cable bracket.
  • The SXR 1500 uses standoff collars for the steering cable bracket, you will also reuse these as well. Also, there are no bracket bolts to reuse from the 1500 pole. The bolt size you need is M6 x 1.00 by 15mm in length.
  • Some trimming may be necessary around the opening for turning clearance of aftermarket steering plates.
  • R&D Quick-steer turn plate will not work with this handlepole.
  • Lifetime warranty does not apply but we will do our best to help with any issues

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  • What is the difference between stock and ProLite?
    The ProLite pole is about 1 inch shorter giving you a better steering angle (2″ shorter than stock) and more control over you ski.
  • Do I need anything besides my stock pole to install this handlepole?
    You will only need the tools to transfer the stock ski components. We highly recommend Loctite on all bolts. Otherwise all hardware will be reused on our pole.
  • How does this pole compare to stock?
    The pole weighs about 5-6 lbs lighter than stock. The finish on this pole is not perfect and will come with some imperfections.
  • Is this handlepole adjustable?
  • Can I use this for freeride / freestyle?
    Our handlepole was built for buoy racing and casual riding. You can use it for freestyle / freeride but our warranty does not cover this.
  • Does your lifetime warranty apply to this part?
    No, the lifetime warranty does not apply but we will do our best to help with any issues.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 13 in


Model of Standup

SXR 1500, SXR 800 / 750

2 reviews for SXR / 750 ProLite Carbon Fiber Handlepole

  1. Gunter Meiss (verified owner)

    Received the pole last week and installed it within 3 hours.
    Rode the ski today and was very impressed!!
    Would recommend buying it.
    Thank you for a quality built item!

  2. Zachary Bloom (verified owner)

    I purchased the black carbon fiber handlepole last February for my SXR-1500. The finish was great and I have a full riding season on it. Great pole especially since it’s half the cost of the adjustable poles. Far better riding position for me along with less fatigue. And let’s face it, the factory pole doesn’t look that great. Highly recommended!

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