Slasher Pad for the BILLET RRP Handle pole


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The “Slasher Chin Pad” is a sleeker and lighter option for the Rick Roy Products Handlepole. The design was created by Chris Hagest specifically to fit the original CAST aluminum Rick Roy Handle pole bracket. This fiberglass Chin Pad is stronger, lighter, and more durable. Ships finished in a high gloss black gel coat. Can be lightly sanded to easily accept your choice of paint. The kit includes stainless steel cap screws and rubber washers for mounting. Once mounted many riders choose to add trim or turf to top portion of pad. This option is available for purchase from JETTRIM.

The PW-RR-100 fits the original STANDARD cast aluminum RRP bracket.
The PW-RR-101 fits the BILLET aluminum RRP bracket and their new LIGHT WEIGHT bracket.
The PW-RR-102 fits the newer CAST bracket with BILLET mount points.


  • This product fits: Original RRP cast aluminum handle pole
  • Installation time: 10 minutes
  • Download Manual



  • Does the new cables directly replace the stock cables?
    Yes, they are a direct replacement.
  • Do the cables work better than stock?
    Yes, they are smoother action and they last longer!.
  • Can I install these cables myself?
    Yes, but we always suggest if you’re not comfortable with any install then a professional mechanic is nessesary.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 4 in
Slasher Pad for Billet

BLACK Slasher Pad for the BILLET pole, white Slasher Pad for the BILLET pole


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