Universal Performance Rear Sponsons


The Pro Watercraft performance rear sponsons are a simple modification to add an instant boost of rear grip and stability to your Sea Doo Spark. We recommend installing these sponsons using our proven silicone adhesive.

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Whether you are racing, or rec riding, you may have noticed some instability on the SeaDoo Spark and Kawasaki SC at high speeds.

Worry less about your watercraft sliding out in a turn without warning, and push with more speed through the turns — all while eliminating side to side tipping and teetering at high speeds. These performance rear sponsons are made from our hybrid-flex composite (HFC), making them affordable and backed by a life time warranty.


This product replaces the original stock SeaDoo Spark rear sponsons, utilizing the original bolt holes and hardware for an easy installation. For the Spark, hardware is not included, you will use original OEM hardware. If you need the tool to remove your stock sponsons, click here.

For the Kawasaki SC, we will provide a hardware kit with the sponsons.



Installation section

  • This product fits: SeaDoo Spark (all years), Spark Trixx (all years), Kawasaki SC (all years).
  • Installation time: 5-10 minutes (Spark), 30-45 minutes (Kawasaki SC)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between these sponsons and my stock Spark ones?
    The stock ones are generally for stability but do not add rear grip. These rear sponsons get the performance as well as improve stability.
  • Do these come in other colors?
    No, we only offer them in black. You can paint the HFC material satin or flat, glossy finishes ruin grip.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 4 in



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