ProLite Carbon Fiber Handlepole (not for SXR)


ProLite is a lightweight, aftermarket handlepole replacement that is shortened for better nose control and weights 3+ lbs lighter than stock! Can be universally mounted to any standup with modification.

Made to order


The ProLite handlepole is a more cost effective alternative to the aftermarket aluminum poles on the market. The ProLite handlepole’s edgy style, just like our ProForce, is made with a mix of carbon fiber and fiberglass. This composite handle pole is as structurally strong or stronger than any other the market, and it only weighs 5 lbs! The stock pole is 8 lbs.

The big advantage to this ProLite handlepole is the steering angle: stock 550 is 38 degrees, stock SXR is 29 degree, RRP is 18 degrees, and the ProWatercraft ProLite handle pole is 15 degrees. Having the correct steering angle reduces stress on the rider, you receive better endurance and turning control is noticeably better. Not only is the steering angle changed but so is the steering system orientation too!

Pivot to pivot the pole measures 35.75″ which is 1.5″ shorter than stock. and has adjustable features with different “Sub” plates and steering plates.

What you need to know:

  • The finish on this pole is not perfect and will come with some small imperfections.
  • You will need to reuse the stock (550) steering sub plate
  • You will need to flip your stock steering plate and remount the bar clamps, bars, and cable ball stud to the pivot stud side. We suggest new hex bolts that are not provided in this kit.
    For shortened steering plates you will only need to relocate the cable ball stud to the left side.
  • Some trimming may be necessary around the handlepole opening to clear aftermarket steering plates

  • Fits: Kawasaki 440 / 550 and 2007-2021 SuperJet*, may fit other models
    *Pivot bushings may need modification
  • Installation time: 1-2 hours

  • Will my steering sub plate work with this handlepole?
    If you have the stock Kawasaki 550 sub plates, then it will fit. If not, a custom bracket must be made to adapt your steering system to this handlepole.
  • Will I need to change my pole spring?
    Maybe. Installing the handlepole with your current spring will tell you right away if it needs to be weaker or stronger.
  • Is this pole adjustable?

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 13 in


Model of Standup

440/550, ('90-'20) SUPERJET


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