ProForce Engine Splash Guard


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This ProForce Engine splash guard is a preventative safety measure to keep water from ramping up into the carbs. Most of the time the ProForce is bone dry, but if you’re in a race the last thing you need is water in the carbs. When water does come in it moves forward and back. This Splash guard will completely stop the water coming from the front of the hull back to the engine and carbs, routing it through the bed plate and out the drain plugs.

Very simple install, just remove the battery box and bolt down using all 6 mounting holes that are 8mm x 1.25mm threads. Hardware is not included.

We have two options for thickness of this part, Both versions are made from carbon fiber and fiberglass. The Heavy Duty thickness is for guys that want more strength in the front of the ski. The Regular thickness is just for protecting against water. Both versions stop the water, so the option is yours!

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 11 in



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