Kawasaki SXR1500 Fuel Level Gauge


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When our development team started working on products for the new Kawasaki SXR1500, we quickly found the Kawasaki’s fuel level light was very inefficient causing the engine to die immediately if the rider leans the ski while the fuel level light is on. Pro Watercraft Racing’s fuel level gauge allows the rider to easily monitor the amount of fuel that is inside of their tank. Knowing exactly where your fuel level is allows you to not have to deal with the engine suddenly shutting off due to fuel starvation.

This gauge is built out of our durable HFC material and is designed for a long life of abuse! Each notch indicates gallons of fuel in tank.

What you need to know:

  • Our aftermarket fuel level gauge will work with most aftermarket gas caps. We recommend ADA Racing’s Kawasaki gas cap.
  • The fuel level will develop a small bend; this is normal.
  • We highly recommend removing the stock tab in the filler neck. We supply a zip tie so the tab does not fall into your gas tank.
  • If you have a threading problem with the stock cap fuel gauge, make sure to slide the gauge onto the cap all the way. You may need to re-drill through the hole in the fuel gauge to allow for the pin to slide through.

  • Will the fuel level pick up dirt when I set it down?
    No, just like the stock gas cap, do not place it in dirt or grime. If you do, just clean it before reinserting.
  • What is the locking pin made out of?
    The locking pin is made out of strong, stainless steel rod.
  • What aftermarket gas cap do you recommend to fit with your stock fuel level gauge?
    We recommend using ADA Racing’s billet Kawasaki gas cap.

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