Kawasaki 550 Force Hood


Kawasaki 440 /500 Force aftermarket, lightweight hood is 4+ lbs lighter and comes with water separation built in to filter out water and provide max airflow to your engine.



The 550 Force hood offers a stylist modern look to your vintage 440 / 550 Kawasaki jet ski. The stylish and functional air intakes offers WAY better air flow along with an water-separator system to reduce any water from getting into the engine compartment. This hood is made from fiberglass, bonded with pure-vinyl resins, and carbon-fiber reinforced around the gasket edge. The 550 Force hood is over 2 lbs lighter than the stock jetski hood which, in turn, lowers center of gravity improves the ride stability. We designed the center section to capture the hood strap, which helps keep the hood in place during any aggressive riding.

The stock Kawasaki 550 jetski hood is over 12 lbs, our 550 Force hood is only 8 lbs! And only 7 lbs with full carbon!

What You Need to Know:

  • The finish is not perfect and will come with some small imperfections.
  • We suggest using a 1″ foam pad to protect the hood from the handle pole. (See images)
  • White and Black are standard. Other colors are an additional charge and visual carbon is available!
  • Hood fits with most engine combinations including the dual carburetors and tall air filter combo. (See images)
  • Aluminum honeycomb screens for the air ventsĀ  +$50.00 (call to add to order)

  • Does this aftermarket hood directly replace my stock hood?
    Yes, the factory strap works too. Main difference is better airflow, better performance.
  • How does the built-in water separation tunnel work?
    Water that comes in through the air vents is forced out the rear of the hood into the tray while riding. Air is brought in through the vents and then forward through the air vent tunnel.
  • Will this hood match my ski’s color?
    Most 440 / 550 hulls are sun faded so a perfect match is not possible. We do offer new gloss finishes in red, white, black, and additional colors. The finish is not perfect and will come with some small imperfections.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 21 in



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