Kawasaki SXi Pro & SXR 800/1100 Ride Plate

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Kawasaki SXR ride plate improves the rear grip of your ski immediately – helping reduce the amount of spinning or slipping out in corners and turns. This plate will also help with the overall stability and bouncing of your ski. We recommend installing with our proven silicone adhesive.


This SXR Race Plate is designed to greatly improve rider confidence. This will make your ski feel like it’s a train on rails. This product is an easy, bolt-on upgrade that will greatly improve the rear grip of your ski immediately – helping reduce the amount of spinning or slipping out in corners and turns. This plate will also help with the overall stability and bouncing of your ski. The ride plate is an excellent place to start when upgrading the handling components on your ski.


  • This product fits: Kawasaki SXR
  • Installation time: 10 minutes



  • How do I install this correctly?
    Due to the natural flex of our ride plates we require you use this plate with silicone around the bolt holes and Loctite on every bolt. This is also the industry standard on how all ride plates should be installed.
  • Does this race plate put more pressure on the nose compared to a stock SXR 800 ride plate?
    This HFC plate is designed to put the right amount of nose pressure compared to stock. Trying it is the best way to see if this ride plate is right for you.
  • How can this new material improve my racing?
    We’ve covered the issues many riders face every time they race. HFC gives the ride plate enough flex to allow itself to adjust to your weight, speed, and the water condition you race in. Advantages of this plate include limited bouncing, reduced subbing, more grip, and better stability.
  • What makes HFC any stronger than my aluminum or fiberglass ride plate?
    Aluminum plates crack and chip, same with fiberglass! Our new material eliminates those issues. HFC is the only material we found that is chip, crack and tear resistant. We recommend you watch our comparison video above to get a better feel of what we mean!
  • Do the holes scrub speed?
    No. The holes are specifically designed to be used for racing application, especially when you are in the wake of another rider. Best use for buoy racing and also ideal for relaxed riding.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 2 in

5 reviews for Kawasaki SXi Pro & SXR 800/1100 Ride Plate

  1. Deegan Newton

    The triple fin design provided increased corner grip. The plate was longer than my oem plate so, it reduced porpoising and provided amazing handling in choppy water. Definitely worth the money!

  2. Johnny Utah

    Great product. Best ride plate design in the industry.

  3. Andrew

    After searching the internet forever trying to figure out what plate was right for my sxi pro I decided to go with prowatercraft. All I can say is wow. As many people know the Kawasaki 750’s porpoise. This plate got rid of that and absolutely changes how the machine handles in the corners. I can’t say enough good things about this plate. I’m so happy with it and would recommend to anyone. Still can play around with the ski and then shred the buoys. Prowatercraft nailed it!

  4. George Grassie (verified owner)

    High speed stability/comfort is sic!
    Also launch off waves is solid. I feel way more comfortable and confident.

  5. Johny (verified owner)

    Best plate out there. I’ve tried so many plates. From TBM to custom one off plates people swear by. The PWR plate has a nice roll in/lean in and doesn’t have that square edge feel like some do. Really nice turning and transition. It has great top speed and doesn’t make my ski hop like some of the others. One thing too I’ve noticed is that unlike a lot of others, where the strakes on the hull meet the plate, the strakes on the plate actually line up and have a nice transition. The fitment is great. There are alot of good plates out there but this one is definitely my favorite.

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