Kawasaki 650SX / 750 Kicker Tray Extension


Kawasaki 650SX / 750SX / 750 SXI ( PRO ) kicker tray extension to be used with Jettrim or HydroTurf.


Pwr kick tray extender is a must have item to improve the handling of your Pwc. This design has a ergo shape to help support your foot and body position while turning or going straight. Ergo design was created by Chris Hagest back in 2005. It was created to help you get in the tray faster, while not taking away from the “kick” height for your foot. Normal straight kickers that you see are hard to enter the tray, while the PWR Ergo is lower in the center of the tray which gives your knee a better chance to enter the tray faster.

Having the right design will not only increase your ride time,  but also allow you to increase your skill level much faster.

Product is made from our Hybrid Flex Composite (HFC)  which is a great dampening material that still gives great support. Easy install with a clean way to have a tie down point at the back of the hull with our U bolt kit. Having the right design will not only increase your ride time,  but also allow you to increase your skill level much faster.

What You Need to Know:

  • The kicker is smaller than the tray so cutting the kicker in half is required for the widest tray stance. See the install images above. We do not provide the kicker already cut but we do provide the extra rivets.
  • Depending on your ski, the pre-drilled, rear holes may be too low. You can redrill the kicker using the same drill bit in our instructions at the same height as the OEM rivets.
  • The Kawasaki 650SX rear bumper leaves a large step down at the back of the tray. We have used some foam to fill in some of the space below the kicker, however, you still want some space to allow water to drain out. We have installed the kicker without this foam and had no issues.
  • You will need to remove your stock bottom mat enough, or completely, to install this kicker tray directly to the fiberglass deck. We highly recommend you get a full mat kit from Jettrim or you can install foam padding instead.


Installation section

  • This product fits: Kawasaki 650SX, 750 SX, 750 SXi
  • What’s included: Tray kicker and hardware kit
  • Installation time: 30 minutes

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  • Do I need any modification to my deck to install this product?
    Yes, you are going to need to drill a few holes into the deck to install the tray extension and tow hook.
  • Is there a hardware kit included with this product?
    Yes if you choose the option. You will get pop rivets as well as a U-bolt and hex nuts. Silicone is recommended around the mating surface of the tray.
  • How will this product improve my ability to stay in the tray?
    This product was designed by professional Chris Hagest to allow you to have a stable surface to grip against while taking each turn. This product gives you the leverage to not lose your grip and keep you locked into the tray.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 7 in
Model of Ski

650 SX, 750 SX / SXi


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