Kawasaki 440 / 550 Intake Pump Stuffer

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Our intake pump stuffers for the Kawaski 440/550  are simple to install and gain 2+ MPH affordably.

To achieve this gain, our stuffer fills in the air pocket in the pump tunnel created while riding your ski. The air pocket is created with the concave surface of the pump tunnel while water is rushing over. This action drags water and creates cavitation making you lose power and drive. When you install this pump stuffer, you will see more drive and feel more ‘sucked down’ to the water.

What You Need to Know:

  • Silicone is not included. We sell our tested High-Quality RTV Silicone. Use of any other type of silicone, adhesive, etc. will void the warranty.
  • Our silicone requires about 24 hours to cure. Using the product before the cure time will void the warranty.
  • Some aftermarket intake grates (top loaders specifically) will decrease speed or performance.
  1. Silicone the edges of the intake pump stuffer.
  2. Fit around the driveshaft.
  3. Push into place.
  4. Clean / Smooth the edges.
  5. Clean / Wipe the stuffer surface.

  • Can I install this without removing the pump?
    Yes, we do offer the option on some model standups to put a slit down the center. However, the best performance gain is removing the pump and sliding the stuffer over the driveshaft. The video above shows a pump stuffer with a slit being installed on a Kawasaki 650sx. No slit is even easier!
  • How does this secure to my ski?
    The part attaches to your pump tunnel with silicone adhesive. We sell our tested High-Quality RTV Silicone. Use of any other type of silicone, adhesive, etc. will void the warranty.
  • Does this stuffer work with a “top loader” intake grate?
    Typically, our pump tunnel stuffers perform the same function as a “top loader” intake grate, increasing top speed, but while keeping the same bottom end performance. We do not recommend using our stuffer with the “top loader” intake grate.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2 in

8 reviews for Kawasaki 440 / 550 Intake Pump Stuffer

  1. Deegan Newton

    I gained 2.5 mph just by installing this product onto my JS550.
    Easy speed increase without spending a lot of money.
    I will be putting one of these in every one of my skis from now on.
    Great product as always!

  2. Bryson Olson

    This made my 550 gain a noticeable difference in top end speed, haven’t GPS it yet but it’s definitely noticeable top speed increase. Stoked, thanks for the cheap mod!!

  3. Scott Warner (verified owner)

    Gained a solid 4 “gps” MPH Combined with the Pro Watercraft Racing ride plate installed at the same. Definitely better on the top end but also seemed to keep the pump feed quicker in chop and shorten cavitation time.. Easy instill and worth every penny.

  4. Clayton James

    Great product for the price per MPH

  5. Kevin Knopf

    Another great product by PROWATERCRAFT!!

    Just installed this and rear sponsons.. holy $#!+

    If you’re debating ever buying ANYTHING from this company, don’t wait. You’ll be glad you did!

  6. Kevin (verified owner)

    the install sucked trying to install with the pump still on on my 550. Had to file the inner edge of the slit down the middle with a bevel to even come close to hammering and working it in. Next time Ill just pull the pump. But there is a noticeable speed increase and snap and throttle response down low.

    • lowandmean (verified owner)

      We’re sorry to hear you had trouble with the 550 stuffer. To pull the pump requires an impeller tool so the slit is usually the easier option.

  7. Matt Miller (verified owner)

    Installed on my js550. Great product and worth every penny. Agree with others though. A pain in the butt to install if you don’t pull the pump.

  8. Kyle McLaughlin (verified owner)

    This pump stuffer is a great upgrade for the money. I ordered 2 of them and the first one I installed on my 1988 JS 550, combined with an L&S open intake grate and Mariner ride plate, I immediately noticed a difference in top speed and less cavitation and better hookup on my ski. The next one is going on my 1991 550sx for my lady. I highly recommend this to anyone with a 550 or 440 looking for an easy way to gain a couple mph combined with some better hook up. I must admit it is rather difficult to install this product by stretching it around the drive shaft without removing the pump. It is possible as advertised by pro watercraft but personally I would pull the pump to install this product. Thanks for another great product Pro Watercraft. Another happy customer

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