Ryder Wildeboer

Ryder Wildeboer is the young phenom who quickly charged to the top of the ranks with multiple world championships.

You can support Ryder by purchasing merchandise from his gear store. A portion of the proceeds from every sale will go directly to his race program.


Hi, I’m Ryder Wildeboer (Wil-de-boer). I started riding in 2017 on a Yamaha SuperJet. Since then I have won 6 IJSBA World Championships and 2 Pro Watercross World Titles. For 2021 I will focus on building my experience, training and racing my Pro Force 2.0, Kawasaki 1500 and Yamaha SuperJet. Please follow my Instagram and Facebook

One way you can support me is to purchase my official team merchandise! The profits go to my race program.

Thanks for your support!

Ryder W #888

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