Ryder Wildeboer

Personal Background:
Born July 14, 2006 in SD, moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona in 2020 to further advance my professional Jet Ski career. Started riding and racing in 2017 at age 11, and have been going strong ever since. I have developed mechanical skills to fix and improve my ski and its performance which has allowed me to continue to grow in this field. I am able to get out and ride/practice almost everyday which has really helped me move to the next level. I have a very athletic background, including basketball, football, soccer, snowboarding, swimming, biking, running which have helped drive my athletic ability. I work hard and am proud to be a pro Jet Ski racer.

Personal Background:

  • 2017: I started riding and raced some small regional races
  • 2018: Continued races regional races and accomplished some 1 st place finishes. Competed at the IJSBA world finals and finished in the top 10. Raced in the Pro-WaterCross World Championship and achieved a 3 rd place finish
  • 2019: Continued racing and won most regional races. Traveled to Lake Havasu during the winter
    months to continue my training. Qualified for the IJSBA World Finals and took home my first three
    World Championship titles, in Jr. 10-12 ski lites, Jr. 10-12 ski stock, and novice ski stock. I again
    competed in the Pro-WaterCross World Championship and took the win in amateur ski stock. This was
    the year I also competed in Thailand at the Kings Cup where I was able to take home the Triple Crown
    World Championship in novice ski stock.
  • 2020: Once again racing, winning many regional races in SD, WI, and AZ. Raced the IJSBA World Finals
    adding to my World Titles in pro-am ski stock, pro-am ski lites, and expert ski modified.
  • 2021: Raced and won many regional races across the US. Raced the IJSBA World Finals continuing to
    add to my World Titles , this time in, Sport Spec, pro-am ski stock, and pro ski slalom.
  • 2022: This year was a challenge. I was able to move up to pro-ski GP but unfortunately, the year was
    plagued with numerous ski and motor issues. Through all the issues, I was able to learn a lot more
    about the mechanical side of the sport and truly became a stronger version of myself. Through a lot of
    hard work and perseverance, I was able to get my ski in top shape for the 2023 season.
  • 2023: This year is wide open, and I have my sights set on another World Title, this time in Pro-Ski GP
    and to compete in and win the Triple Crown.


You can supp
ort Ryder by purchasing merchandise from his gear store. A portion of the proceeds from every sale will go directly to his race program.

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Ryder W #888

Contact information:
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Email: ryder888wild@gmail.com
TikTok: ryderwil888
Instagram: ryderw888
Facebook: Ryder Wildeboer

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