Over the Bond Flange (OBF) rear Sponsons

OFB (Over Bond Flange) sponsons offer amazing stability right where the rider stand and leans, which adds confidence for a new rider and also offers an edge to the rider. More turning grip is also an advantage with these OBF (Over Bond Flange) rear sponsons. This is the best bang for the buck to improve the ride of your watercraft.

This Sponson kit improves the rider’s confidence when riding their recreational stand up watercraft. We want to make a cost-effective product to allow those with a tighter budget to experience the benefit of additional grip. These Universal Rear Sponsons offer improvements in turning grip, better stability in a straight line and when leaning over in a turn. The difference between us and the other options on the market is grip and high speed turning the ski is easier to lean which makes the ride smoother through the complete turn. The HFC sponson bolts to the top of the bond flange.

ProWatercraft Hybrid Flex Composite (HFC) material slightly flexes to support your riding style. HFC blows all the other rigid products out of the water with many improved features. These sponsons hold up better than the industry standard and limits bouncing, reduces subbing, even MORE stability, and better grip.

These sponsons are universal, which means they can work on all model/year skis.

OBF Rear Sponsons

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