Moto-Crossover II: Juju Beaumer

Juju Beaumer is a 14 year old motocross racer racing for factory Ecstar Suzuki. When he’s not racing Supercross Futures and other events — he’s racing a stand up jetski at the premiere level.

Beaumer using stand up jetskiing as a form of cross-training. Racing and riding his Pro Force stand up jetski to test his endurance, strengthen his legs and core, and simulate the same level of adrenaline and heart rate he experiences during motocross races — without the same level of risk as hitting the ground. The constant changing conditions of the water help him hone his reaction time for changes on the motocross track, and the reaction time of the jetski starting band is something he finds even harder than the gate drop.

With plans to go to the pro-level for Supercross in 2022, Beaumer has been training vigorously on both the bike and the ski to prepare.


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