Since the creation of the stand up personal watercraft (PWC) in the early 70s, Lake Havasu City and the Colorado river have been a hub for riders, racers, and industry. Tens of thousands of people travel to Havasu each year to enjoy the most exciting PWC environment, like the world-famous Body Beach in Lake Havasu which has been a PWC hotspot for more than 40 years. Since the early 80s, Lake Havasu City has been the home of the PWC World Championships, welcoming racers from around the world at the industry’s longest running event. Some of the personal watercraft industry’s biggest influencers have made Lake Havasu their new home, building businesses and the community; making Lake Havasu a hub of expanding PWC technology and innovation.

From its humble beginnings, to the high-performance technology of today — PWC activity in Lake Havasu has made this the undeniable PWC capital of the world.

In 2020, Pro Watercraft and a group of PWC enthusiasts worked together to build the first ever PWC monument in Lake Havasu City.

Due to the rich history and PWC culture in the Lake Havasu City area, the team at Pro Watercraft has made plans to build expand this monument to solidify Lake Havasu City’s place as the PWC captial of the world.



After the ribbon cutting of the PWC Monument, we immediately began plans to continue the momentum. Our Phase II project is currently in development with the team with aims to add benches, a PWC History timeline walk, a contributors plaque, and more to the current PWC Monument site in Lake Havasu City, AZ.


To help us make history by expanding the PWC monument in Lake Havasu City, you can either donate directly using the GoFundMe link below, or you can purchase limited edition PWC Monument swag. 100% of the profits from the PWC Monument swag will go toward expanding the monument.



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