Kawasaki 440/550 HFC Pump Nozzle

This futuristic nozzle is a blend of old technology with a Jet fighter modern look.

Here’s what we did:
We extended the nozzle 1″ to offer better straight line hook up and drive. Also that longer nozzle will give you a tighter turning ratios, like a quick steer, but without making the turning action sensative.

The ProWatercraft Jet Nozzle is a couple mm smaller ID, than stock 85mm Inner Diameter, why did we make it smaller? Generally the size of the thrust nozzle should be 4-6mm smaller than the steering nozzle. On the 550 (depending on the year) the thrust nozzle is 65mm and the stock steering nozzle is 85mm, 20mm difference! Which is a lot, that’s too much. What we did is make it only 2mm smaller, but with it being 25mm( approx 1″) longer this will help the rider feel the steering without having any over sensitive feelings in the steering.

Let’s talk about the inside shape of the nozzle,  does it matter? Yes! Typically steering nozzles are “bell” shaped. However the inside bell shape does disrupt water flow which makes turning aggressive and not smooth. Our designer has come up with the best shape for this standup. When compared to stock you should feel a smoother transition into the turn and less hook in the middle of the turn. So, overall turning smoothness will improve.

Another advantage you will get with the PWR Jet Nozzle is our proven everlasting hydrophobic surface. This is like ceramic coating on your vehicle; water just shoots off in record time! This hydrophobic surface speeds up the water, which you should feel acceleration and gain some top speed. Who would of thought a steering nozzle could offer so much? We did,  we test, we ride and we will find an advantage to offer you!

This is old technology meets new technology for your Kawasaki 440 550 stand up jet ski.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Sales@ProWatercraftRacing.com or give us a call at 928-255-0230.


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