Event Information

2021 #1 Fan JR Star Program will be held on October 3rd from 8am to 12pm at the IJSBA World Finals starting line within Crazy Horse CampGrounds in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. All JR participants that are bringing their jet ski must be registered for the 2021 IJSBA World Finals event. However all kids are welcome to join in on the fun! PWC Safety Tech is mandatory if you plan on being in the water.
To donate to this event please use the Paypal link below or you can call ProWatercraft at 928-255-0230.

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All proceeds are used for this year’s event. The kids get prizes, food & drinks, goodie bags, T-shirts, and mentorship from the pro riders at the World Finals starting line, priceless opportunity.

The event is free for all, there is no registration and we welcome all ages to participate. Please come support the kids as they are our future. This will be the 11th annual event but the first without our #1 Fan, Nedra Atwood. She of course is always with us and this program has grown because of her love for all the young riders of the sport. We will be honoring Nedra after the event (more details will be announced at JR Stars). We look forward to seeing you all there!

Our History

In 2010, Chris Hagest, Nedra Atwood and Mike Pipes came together to create the Junior Stars Program. Initially, the program began as a way to gather and educate young and aspiring jetski racers on the west coast of the United States — but has since grown into a much bigger program.

The goal of the Junior Stars Program is to assist, educate and provide resources to junior level jetski riders ages 10-15. Each year, the Junior Stars Program puts on “Junior Stars Day” at the IJSBA World Finals. At this event, kids from around the world learn alongside World Champions and legends.

In 2020, the Junior Stars Program lost one of its pillars, the “crazy cowbell lady” and PWCs #1 Fan — Nedra Atwood. Nedra carried the torch of the Junior Stars Program proudly for ten years. Making a point to spread awareness throughout the sport for both safety and fun.

In light of her passing, we have renamed the Junior Stars Program to the #1 Fan Junior Stars Program, and in Nedra’s honor we will continue to carry the torch (or cowbell) and make sure it’s all about the kids.

How to Help

The #1 Fan Junior Stars Program is operated with donations from PWC enthusiasts and businesses. Donations go toward hosting the Junior Stars Day event at the IJSBA World Finals each year, as well as going toward prizes for the junior riders. Donations can be made to the #1 Fan Junior Stars Program GoFundMe, proceeds from Junior Stars merchandise purchases will go toward the #1 Fan Junior Stars Program fund, to donate product, please contact us directly.


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