Hybrid Flex Composite (HFC) Painted?

Being the only seller of flexible products has brought up many questions. Most of them being relating to, “Can this be painted?” Well we sent over a side of the front sponson and had it painted right next door with automotive, bumper paint. Finish was great but the results can speak for themselves.

First image

is the rear tip of our pre-production, Performance Front Sponsons that was painted.

Second image

is a close up of the edge we cut to show no chips or cracks along the band-saw-cut edge.

Third image

is the tip being flexed.

Fourth image

is the condition after the flexing with no damage or cracks.

Painting any of our HFC products is perfectly safe as long as you take the necessary precautionary steps to ensure a long lasting, quality finish. The paint used in this example is designed for plastic vehicle bumpers and all preparations used when painting plastic vehicle parts should be done to our HFC products.

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