First 5 Upgrades for the Yamaha fourstroke SuperJet!

Now that our testing and development for the new fourstroke Yamaha SuperJet are well on the way, we’ve come up with a list of our first 5 upgrades we recommend for anyone with the fourstroke SuperJet, regardless of what kind of riding they are doing.


Before we even put the ski in the water, we knew we needed to keep track of the hours we put on the ski for maintenance purposes. Most manufacturers recommend changing the oil in your watercraft based on hours of use, and that’s simply something you don’t want to guess at. The Yamaha SuperJet does not come with an hour meter, so we installed our own Shred Meter.

Now we can also tell our friends we ride more than them!

The Shred Meter comes with a strong adhesive backing. We like to run it on the dash of our ski.

You can find the Shred Meter hour meter here.



After a few rides on our fourstroke SuperJet, we realized that while the boarding handle was a neat idea, our knees had a way of finding the hole when we didn’t want to. To fix this, we designed a simple to install boarding handle delete. This HFC composite piece is siliconed into the boarding tray hole and fits nicely. It partners great with some Jettrim or turf on the top, or can be run on its own.

You can find the boarding handle deleteĀ here.



Like most stock skis, the handle bars on our new Superjet just weren’t cutting it. The angle didn’t get us over the bars like we wanted, and was sometimes uncomfortable. Thankfully, changing the handle bars is one of the easiest upgrades to any ski. So, we installed a set of ADA Racing extended handle bars on our SuperJet. We like the zero degree straight bars – but some of you might like the 4 degree bars.

You can find both styles of handlebars here.

Stock bars and grips (bottom) versus ADA bars and ODI Grips (top).



There’s no point in trying to pull the stock grips off the stock bars once you upgrade to a new set of bars, and a new set of grips is always a better option over stock! We prefer ODI Lock On grips – these grips don’t require any glue, and can be easily removed or swapped out. They fit nicely with our ADA Racing bars, and give us more grip and comfort than the stock bars.

You can find ODI grips here.


When we first rode our Yamaha fourstoke SuperJet, one of the first things we noticed was a sluggish steering response. No matter how hard we slammed the bars to turn, the ski didn’t want to turn sharp. After some testing and investigating, we found that adjusting the throw of the steering cable made a big difference. To make it easier, we designed a Quicksteer Kit for the Yamaha fourstroke Superjet. With just one wrench and one bolt to remove it, you can adjust the steering radius of your nozzle substantially, to get better turning.

Check out our quicksteer kit here.

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