Another rider interview! This time we sit down with Steve Hotchkiss, a Kawasaki SC racer and advocate for pushing the “Super Chicken” class in 2020.
Steve, before we get started, could you give me some background on how you got started in Jet Skiing?

I got started in 2007 when I purchased 2 Polaris SL750.
When and how did you decide to start racing?
I started racing in 2014 when Region 8 was reborn with Wayne Ordon as the promoter.
Can you tell me a little about your racing career so far? Any accomplishments?
I would not call it a career, I raced MX as a kid in the late 70’s early 80’s and always loved the race atmosphere. So when Region 8 started back up I was all on board.
Can you give me a run down of what ski(s) you have and race? 
As far as race skis I have 2 Super Chickens and one Polaris 785 Limited. As far as Pro Watercraft parts with the new release of the SC pump stuffer and ride plate they will be added for the 2020 race season.
What is your next big goal?
To have Super Chickens race World Finals in Lake Havasu 2020.
What is your favorite thing about Jet Skiing?
I’ve always loved the water and boating so Jet Skiing fit right in.
What motivates you?
I love building skis and parts almost more then racing so I like to create something new and different that keeps me going. I have built many conversion skis first was a Polaris SLT with a Polaris 785 triple pipe motor next was a GPR with a supercharged Seadoo 4-Tec then Polaris MSX with a supercharged 4-Tec next was a Kawasaki Jetmate with a Sea Doo supercharged 4-Tec and the newest is a Kawasaki Super Chicken with a Polaris 785 Triple Pipe motor.
What would you say to someone who is interested in Jet Ski racing but might be a little hesitant?
I support and encourage all new riders and offer help with parts and gear if needed.
What is your favorite memory from racing Jet Skis?
Tough one to answer as there are so many. I would say watching Terri Burke taking 3rd place in Havasu 2017 World Finals racing an X2 I helped tune her ski prior to the big event we had a large region 8 presents there.
Anyone you’d like to thank?
I always thanks my 30+ sponsors most notable  Jetrenu they were my first sponsor that found me. Also CT Watercraft Joe has always had me covered with parts advice and good company during the off season.

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