Body Beach is a little slice of jetski heaven, and carries a big piece of jetski history.

The beautiful city of Lake Havasu, Arizona has been home to the jetski World Championships for more than 30 years, and also holds one of the most popular jetski hot spots in the world.

People come from all over the world to ride jetskis at this Body Beach.

The buoy course that can be found at Body Beach has been the stomping grounds of some of the greatest World Champions of all time, many of which ended up laying roots in Havasu to enjoy Body Beach every day.

On any given day, you might find people on the buoy course on jetskis that are over 30 years old, and others that are cutting edge and pushing incredible speed and skill. Sometimes there’s even some backflips being thrown.

Body Beach is the one common ground that all jetskiers — no matter the team, nationality, age, or preference — come together to enjoy the sport we all love so much.

If you’ve never been to Body Beach, we highly recommend it. There is something truly special about riding buoys around the iconic island at sunset. On any day, you might even bump into living legends and multi-time World Champions like Jeff Jacobs, Tera Laho or Nicolas Rius.


The team at Pro Watercraft has been enjoying Body Beach for years. It’s where we go to test new products, and also where we go to enjoy what we love — jetskiing. Over the past decade, our team has worked to preserve and protect the industry’s access and ability to enjoy Body Beach, as well as keep the buoy track maintained. We established the Havasu Personal Watercraft Association in an effort to rally the industry to protect our favorite place. We continue to work to preserve this space, and have recently been making an effort to permanently protect the legacy and purpose of Body Beach.

In an effort to preserve our ability to enjoy Body Beach, we ask that you are mindful of others and your surroundings. Always be on the look out for leftover trash or potential fire starters. We also highly recommend that you have up to date registration for your watercraft when visiting Body Beach. Always remember — #LoveItOrLoseIt.

The team at Pro Watercraft spends a lot of time and resources to provide buoys, log jumps, and track building at Body Beach. We have also been working with the city of Lake Havasu to construct a watercraft memorial to recognize the years of jetski history connected to the city. We have also been working to establish Body Beach as a permanent fixture in the community, so people can enjoy it for years to come.

If you’d like to help preserve Body Beach, consider purchasing Body Beach merchandise to help with the costs of buoys, log jumps and preserving Body Beach.



To get to Body Beach, you’ll want to turn right on to Mulberry Ave from the 95. Follow this road until you see the wooden “Champions Made Here” sign. Follow that rock road to the sound of jetskis.


This merchandise is not for Pro Watercraft’s profit. We have always wanted to see swag for our favorite place, so we came up with some cool designs. Proceeds outside the cost to make and ship each t-shirt will go to the efforts to preserve and protect Body Beach.

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