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ProWatercraft takes pride in our team of sponsored athletes and handling products. We want to build long-term relations with racers that will not only represent ProWatercraft well, but we want to do everything we can to keep you looking good, and help your racing career flourish. As impressive as our list of high profile racers is, we also want to always look for the “up and coming” talent that is making their way through the ranks that offer a good attitude and are passionate about their sport.


We offer various levels of sponsorship for many types of Sports. Upon approval, our sponsorship program includes access to our line of handling products, swag, along with the notoriety that comes along with representing the ProWatercraft brand and our years of racing heritage.


Represent • Representation is simple; Install our parts, wear the swag, show up, have fun, look good, be good… then we look good.

Snap, Post, Tag, Repeat • Since we are an experience driven company, our most successful sponsorship relationships have been largely due to our sponsored athletes leveraging the power of social media. We review every potential sponsored rider’s social media pages (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/) very closely to so see how well they promote their sponsors, and take this into heavy consideration during the application process.


Think you’ve got what it takes to join the PWR team? If you feel that you fit the criteria for approval, then fill out and submit the form below, and upon approval, we will welcome you into our family of sponsored athletes.

If you need help or have more questions about our sponsorship program feel free to Contact Us.

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