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Hybrid Flex Composite (HFC) Painted?

Being the only seller of flexible products has brought up many questions. Most of them being relating to, “Can this be painted?” Well we sent over a side of the front sponson and had it painted right next door with automotive, bumper paint. Finish was great but the results can speak for themselves. First image is the rear tip of our pre-production, Performance Front Sponsons that was painted. Second image is a close up of the edge we cut to show no chips [...]

Blaster Hull Extensions

Yamaha Wave Blaster Hull Extensions

Our Yamaha Wave Blaster Hull Extensions bring functionality with cost effectiveness. So what does it do? In rough water, the stability is amazing! Side to side feel is much better, with improvements to comfort in banking and railing turns, and significantly reduces porpoising. All around this is next level handling and performance on a budget. As the Sport class continues to grow, these extensions will let you enjoy the old skis with a new feel that allows you to [...]