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Our story starts with our creator, Chris Hagest.

From 1991-1997, Hagest climbed the ladder to the professional ranking in the PWC racing world. 1996 , Hagest rode for Factory Yamaha and was invited to work within the doors of R&D department. In 1997 he was offered a job developing PWC for Kawasaki Motor Corp. For the next 7 years, Hagest learned the Japanese discipline to testing and engineering several PWC. Three of the models produced by Kawasaki that Hagest worked on have grown into the most successful racing PWC to date. One of them, the SXR800, (Kawasaki stopped production in 2011) is still the most popular craft world-wide.

In 2005, he took a job with a new company (Hydrospace) in Austria to help develop the first 4 stroke Standup PWC. Hagest traveled to over 20 different countries meeting vendors and developing this PWC. In six months, the Hydrospace evolved from a drawing to the first test unit- a feat that would normally take 2 years. This craft was developed within the doors of Swiss Auto group, now owned by Polaris.

In 2007, Hagest returned to racing, sponsored by Hydrospace. He captured two national titles in the Pro ranking. Since that time the craft, Hydrospace S4, is one of the most winning-est Standup PWC on the market. Production of the S4 stopped (like the SXR), yet this PWC was the choice of most racers world-wide up to 2015.

In 2013, ProWatercraft was born, bringing Hagest back to his roots to fill a void in the PWC industry with a strong line of handling components. With years of racing and development experience, Hagest quickly took this company to be known as the Handling Specialist. In 2014, Hagest created a process that allowed him to use a Flex material on the handling products- ride plates, sponsons, etc. This new Flex material improved the performance and cost of manufacturing while offering a nearly indestructible product.

In October of 2015, ProWatercraft unveiled its first PWC. The ProForce is the cutting edge of the Standup PWC world. Going viral within the industry, it has been said to be the ski to have in 2017.

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Chris Hagest with Kawasaki
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