5 Handling Upgrades for your New (USED) Jet Ski

Congrats on buying your first stand up JetSki!

She may be a little beat up and run a little funny, but you sure have fun out on the water.

If you’re getting used to the thrills and spills of personal watercraft and are ready to take things up a notch, we’ve got 5 upgrades for your new-to-you Jet Ski.

Front sponsons are a great way to increase the stability of your PWC and make it easier to roll the ski over in turns.

If you’re looking for a little more stability on the front end, this is where you want to start. If you feel your ski “chine walking” or teetering from side to side while you’re riding in a straight line, or have trouble getting your ski to lay over into a turn, Pro Watercraft front sponsons will help improve your ride. Our flex composite front sponsons are strong and used by racers and recreational riders alike. We offer several models for the purposes of speed or stability, and have them available for most stand up Jet Skis and some other models as well.


Ride plate length and design can contribute to making the ski bounce less, and give it more rear grip.


If you’re struggling with your Jet Ski sliding or spinning out, a ride plate is an easy upgrade. A good ride plate will offer you more rear grip, and can help eliminate porpoising or bouncing on the front end of the ski. With just four bolts, you can easily swap out and try a different ride plate. Ride plates can be kind of tricky, as different plates can work differently for different people. Your height, weight and riding style might contribute to what kind of ride plate works best for you. The Pro Watercraft HFC ride plate was intended to work for a wide variety of riders and can add a drastic amount of grip to the rear end of your ski.


If your new-used Jet Ski has stock bumper rail, it may be slowing you down! A lot of Jet Skis will still have the OEM bumper rail on them. This can be full of rivets and actually create drag that slows you down. By replacing this with our adhesive bumper rail, you’ll get a smoother ride and eliminate that unwanted drag. This is a relatively easy and cost effective modification that also makes your PWC look better as well. 



If you got a new-used ski, it either didn’t come with a lanyard, or you might’ve got one that’s worn out. Having a worn out lanyard could potentially mean it’ll come unplugged while you’re riding and shut your motor off — you don’t want that! Our race lanyard is meant to hug your kill switch and only come off in the event that you actually fall off the ski. It’s affordable and requires no install time.


If the ski you bought is well-ridden, it’s likely that the tray mats may be worn out, or simply aren’t your style. Much like the seat on a dirtbike, the tray mats can be designed to make for a smoother ride. Our Pro Watercraft tray mats are designed to make ripping or racing easier and more comfortable. Our mats, or custom ones of your own, can be made by Jettrim.

A lot of people focus on the FAST, but you can’t enjoy going fast if your ski can’t handle it. Our goal at Pro Watercraft is to help people with all kinds of rides better enjoy their experience. 

When you buy your first Jet Ski, it can be a little overwhelming. There are lots of options and opportunities to upgrade — but we recommend starting with the foundation of handling components. 

If you have any questions about the handling on your personal watercraft, feel free to call the handling experts at Pro Watercraft. 

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