36″ Upper Lip Front Sponsons on Kawasaki X2

36″ Upper Lip Front Sponsons on Kawasaki X2

Matt Goade from Retro racing worked with us to test our new upper lip front sponsons.
Retro racing has a long background of adding perfect handling to their vintage skis from X2 to 440/550/650, etc.
Matt and I are very surprised to how well the upper fin worked with the stock exhaust hole.
“For an entry level rider, that stability is spot on”, Matt said.

The install was easy because of the exhaust hole put the left side sponson in the correct spot for best handling. Then you can just match the right side.
This bolt on part is an excellent bang for the buck. Take that basic X2 to the next level of fun.

The top riders will love this design of upper lip front sponsons too, as we do offer it without the exhaust hole for rear exhaust skis.

36″ Front Sponsons with Upper Fin

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