2021 Yamaha SuperJet fourstroke: what we know

2021 fourstroke Yamaha SuperJet: what we know


With a scheduled unveiling of August 2020, the hype for the 2021 Yamaha Super Jet is at an all time high — and starting to boil over.

The team at Pro Watercraft has scoured the internet for information, the deets and any and all “spy shots”. We’ve blown the doors wide open with everything we’ve heard about the 2021 SuperJet.



Quite possibly the most well-believed information circling around the mysterious new watercraft is the end of the two stroke era of the Yamaha SuperJet. The introduction of a fourstroke Yamaha SuperJet has been highly-suspected with the increase of emissions regulations worldwide. The TR 1051 has been the target of much speculation because of its size and popularity in Yamaha’s current line up. 

The team at Pro Watercraft did some testing with this motor in a Pro Force and found it to be quick, reliable, and fun. But it wasn’t without modifications that we really enjoyed it. The final form of the Yamaha fourstroke SuperJet could include a turbo option — but it remains to be seen.


While Yamaha has not officially announced the introduction of a four stroke engine for the Yamaha stand up, they did officially announce the discontinuation of the SuperJet, and we have confirmed that dealership deposits list the 2021 SuperJet as a “YAMAHA SUPERJET FOURSTROKE”.


In terms of design, this has been one of the most argued upon subjects in relation to the 2021 SuperJet. Whether or not this new stand up watercraft will match the size of the behemoth Kawasaki SX-R fourstroke released in 2017, or if Yamaha will bring something new to the table instead. 

With Kawasaki breathing new life into the recreational stand up market with the introduction of the SXR 1500, there is also speculation as to whether or not the 2021 Yamaha SuperJet will be designed around the general public, or stick to the roots of competition use. 

Rumors have arisen that the new SuperJet may take cues or even be a replica of some aftermarket hulls that are already available in the racing industry — but this concept has been rebutted by the argument that performance-based hulls may not be ideal for the entry-level public.


We’ve heard from the powers that be that the 2021 fourstroke SuperJet will likely have its very own racing class, separate from the Kawasaki SXR 1500. Reason pertaining mainly to overall size and the engine package — which have yet to be confirmed.



Amid all the rumors and speculation, one thing we know for sure is that the team at Pro Watercraft is already working to develop a line of handling components and accessories for the newest innovation in stand up watercraft — the 2021 fourstroke SuperJet.



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