ProForce 2.0 Standup watercraft jet ski

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Who is ProWatercraft?

Your source for the best handling products for your stand up jet ski. Take your watercraft to a new level by upgrading the smoothness in turning and improving the overall grip of you pwc. Our latest innovation in HFC material allows all our ride plates to get the same flow and dampening as motorsports shocks as well as offering competitive prices.

The ProForce watercraft is the best and sharpest looking watercraft on the market with every area of the ski given a specific purpose. Designed and raced by professionals.


Another rider interview! This time we sit down with Steve Hotchkiss, a Kawasaki SC racer and advocate for pushing... read more

COVID-19 UPDATE: 4/1/20

The following is an official release regarding the status of Pro Watercraft in relation to COVID-19. (more…) read more

Pro Watercraft releases NEW rear sponsons for SXR 1500

The SXR 1500 four stroke stand up is notorious for being big. It’s size makes it a little more... read more

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Investment opportunity in our watercraft business.